Inviting Your Team

In order to get the most out of Sdkbin, it's best for you to invite your team members.

We highly recommend inviting team members to your organization and to products for business continuity and license management.

Why You Should Invite Team Members

Many companies purchase software licenses for products and services through a single point of contact - a manager, a team lead, a procurement person, and so on. That single point of contact often becomes a single point of failure for the organization. When the single point of contact person inevitably leaves a company or changes roles all of the information about the availability of that license, the renewal process, and the company's actual benefits all go out the door with them.

Continuity of Business

Sdkbin organizations resolve these common continuity of business problems by:

  • Having multiple people from your company active on Sdkbin who can access purchased products and services;
  • Providing your Sdkbin organization's members with updates from publishers and service providers about the products and services you've purchased; and
  • Making it possible for account owners to delegate their authority to other team members, so matters like handling renewals can be done in a decentralized fashion.

Decentralization of Knowledge

All of the individuals on your team are able to do the following depending on their level of permission with the products and services to which they have been given access

  1. Contact publishers with both billing and technical support questions directly, without having to go through you;
  2. Get access to product keys, invoice, and renewal dates; and
  3. View product utilization data, so the team knows whether or not anyone is using the subscriptions you've purchased.